☀️ 80 Years Later A Letter Arrives

AND Helping An Elephant Find It's Way Back

Inhale the present, exhale the past.

Now, let your breath guide you back to the present moment, where peace and mindfulness reside.

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Here’s what to know for Friday:

  • USPS delivers a letter addressed back in 1943

  • Someone managed to achieve an impossible video game feat

  • An elephant calf lost its way, but the community was there to help


Can you imagine finding a letter from 80 years ago? That's what happened in the post office in DeKalb, Illinois. 

This old-school postcard, meant for Louis and Lavena George, somehow popped up at their old address on South 6th Street. 

Now, imagine you're Grace Salazar, chilling in Portland, Oregon, and suddenly, you get this ancient letter belonging to your family. 

That's some serious time-travel vibes right there! 

And then there's Jeannette, another daughter of the Georges, getting to read this letter that traveled through time.

This letter wasn't just any old note. 

It was from her dad's cousin, sending condolences for the loss of their daughter, Evelyn, to Cystic Fibrosis. 

Jeannette got emotional just reading it–and who wouldn't? It's like a window into her parents' past, a glimpse of the grief and challenges they faced long before she was born.

Jeannette's takeaway from this once-in-a-lifetime mail delivery? 

She has a newfound appreciation for family connections, especially with her nieces and nephews. It's all about that sense of family continuity, which ties generations together.

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🐺 In a battle between wolves and Swiss farmers, the wolves are the ones who win this time

🕹️ Willis Gibson makes history at 13 by becoming the first person to beat Tetris

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🐶 The Coast Guard rescued a dog trapped on a seaside cliff and made sure it returned to its family safe and sound

A tiny elephant calf, just four to five months old, was lost in Anamalai Tiger Reserve in Tamil Nadu, South India. 

Picture this little one, all alone, trying to find his mom and the rest of the herd. 

It's the stuff of a Disney movie, right? Well, this story has a happy ending too.

Elephants usually stick together, but in this case, the herd had moved about 2.5 miles away.

Wildlife experts think they might have moved due to potential dangers in areas where elephants and humans cross paths.

But don't worry, the park officials were on it. 

They found the calf the next day, all stressed out and looking for his family. Then came the high-tech part: they used drones to spot the herd. 

Before reuniting them, the officials gave the calf a bath and a mud spa treatment. 

Why? To wash off any human scent, making sure the calf's mom and aunts would welcome him back without a fuss.

And what did the park staff see a few days later?

A heartwarming scene of the mother and calf napping together on a slope, with the baby snuggled in the nook of his mom’s chest. 

Talk about a picture-perfect moment!

January is the month when everyone flocks to the gym, right? 

But let's be honest; it often feels more like a packed subway at rush hour than a place to get fit.

 Here's a game-changing idea: why not take your workout outside? Nature's gym is open 24/7, and guess what? It's absolutely free!

Instead of wrestling for a treadmill, how about a brisk walk or jog in your local park? Swap the stuffy gym air for fresh outdoor breezes. 

The beauty of outdoor workouts is the endless variety. 

Hiking, biking, even an impromptu dance session with your favorite tunes – the world is your oyster. 

So, why cram into a gym this January when you can spread out in the great outdoors? Your mind and body will thank you!

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