☀️ A Battery Powers Hawaii

AND A Stranger Celebrates A Baby's First Flight

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Here’s what to know for Tuesday:

  • Hawaii subs out their coal power for a huge battery

  • Texas K9 receives Purple Heart

  • Stranger does an amazing crochet project on a plane


Hawaii's leap into a cleaner, greener future just got a supercharged boost! Say goodbye to fossil fuels and hello to a massive battery that's changing the game. 

Imagine this: a gigantic battery, different from anything before, now powering up on Oahu. It's like the superhero of batteries, here to save the day!

Put simply: this isn't just any battery. 

We're talking about 158 Tesla Megapacks in the Kapolei Energy Storage system, a project developed by the fantastic folks at Plus Power. 

Think of it as the energetic, eco-friendly cousin of traditional power plants. 

Instead of generating power, this battery gobbles up energy when the grid buzzes with renewable goodness and then dishes it out in the evening when needed most. 

And the impact? Huge! 

The Kapolei battery matches the old coal plant’s power and stabilizes the grid with its snappy response to changes. These factors mean the community can use more energy instead of letting it go to waste. 

Plus, in a worst-case scenario, like a cyclone knocking out the grid, this battery is ready to be the hero, jump-starting other power plants back to life.

Hawaii, already a leader in the energy transition, is showing the world how to make a grid reliable and clean.

The Kapolei project is a shining example for grids everywhere, showing how we can keep the lights on without harming the planet. 

Thanks to Hawaii's trailblazing spirit and one giant, ingenious battery, it's a bright new day for renewable energy!

🧬 A protein test can help detect 18 different early stages of cancer

📜 A huge ancient lost city was just recently discovered in the Amazon

🪸 The US Virgin Islands are building artificial reefs to help protect their community from storms

💜 A K9 in Texas was awarded a Purple Heart after surviving an officer shooting

☄️ NASA finally unlocked a piece of asteroid to study that was stuck behind some uber-tight fasteners

🦖 A fossil found in New Mexico is now being studied as a more primitive version of the T. Rex

On a flight back from Mexico to New Jersey, something heartwarming unfolded for the Levine family. 

Jake and Kelly Levine were new parents and a little nervous about their five-month-old daughter Romey's first flight. But they had no idea that their journey was about to go viral.

Seated nearby was Meegan Rubin, a crochet enthusiast who, during the pandemic, found solace in creating beautiful pieces from simple yarn. 

Rubin noticed little Romey's fascination with her crochet work. Romey, observant and curious, was captivated by Rubin's swift handiwork.

Moved by Romey's interest and inspired by the color of Romey's outfit, Rubin decided to crochet a unique beanie just for her. 

The catch? She had only an hour left on the flight to complete her spontaneous project.

With her needles moving at lightning speed, Rubin worked her magic and presented the Levines with a beautiful, handmade beanie for Romey just in time before landing.

Romey's new hat was not just a perfect fit; it symbolized kindness and the beauty of connecting with others. 

This heartwarming story reminds us that small acts of kindness can create big ripples of happiness.

If you're searching for a gripping read, check out "The Last Fire Season" by Manjula Martin.

It's a fantastic blend of human drama and the urgent issue of climate change. Martin's writing is sharp and engaging, making it easy to get lost in the story.

This book isn't just about wildfires; it's a deep dive into how people and nature interact in extreme situations.

It's the kind of book that sticks with you, perfect for anyone who loves a story that's both thought-provoking and heart-stirring.

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