☀️ A Christmas Tree Hides A Surprise

AND The Historic Banyan Tree In Maui Buds Again

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Here’s what to know for Tuesday:

  • Kentucky family shocked by hidden guest at Christmas

  • We have some wonderful zoo news for you

  • The banyan tree in Maui is showing signs of life


Imagine decking the halls with boughs of holly and... a baby owl! 

That's what happened to the White family in Kentucky. They brought home a Christmas tree, unknowing of the feathery surprise nestled within. 

The tree stood in their living room for four days, a silent home to a tiny, wide-eyed stowaway.

Michele White and her three dogs were clueless until Bobby Hayes, a local Magic Carpet Cleaning pro, arrived. 

Hayes, plugging in his gear, saw the tree sway mysteriously. Lo and behold, an owl perched on a lower branch! It was a real-life "Owl in the Ivy" moment, just with more tinsel and less ivy.

The owl, maybe thinking it was part of a festive game of hide and seek, scooted higher up the tree. 

With the patience of a saint, Hayes located our feathered friend and set it free in the White's backyard. 

Thanks to his quick thinking, the owl got to flap back into the wild, and the White family's Christmas was all the merrier. 

Now, that's what I call a hoot of a holiday tale!

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In the heart of Lahaina, a symbol of resilience and hope is budding anew. 

The majestic 150-year-old banyan tree–a historic landmark and a comforting presence in the small Hawaiian town–shows signs of recovery after the devastating Maui wildfire in August.

New green leaves are sprouting, a sign of the tree's enduring spirit. 

In a remarkable show of community spirit, local arborists volunteered their expertise to nurse this natural wonder back to health. 

Their efforts are paying off. The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources reports positive signs for the tree's long-term recovery.

The Lahaina banyan tree is not just any tree. 

It's the largest in the country. It’s such a significant living monument that Lahaina's courthouse square was renamed Banyan Tree Park in its honor. 

Its survival and revival are more than botanical triumphs. They symbolize the indomitable spirit of Lahaina and its people.

As Lahaina continues to heal and rebuild, this grand banyan tree stands as a beacon of hope, a reminder of the strength found in the community and the enduring power of nature.

Dive into a classic this week!

You’ve heard “Little Saint Nick,” but there are a lot of great songs on The Beach Boys Christmas album.

I don’t care if you just listened to it yesterday. Give this record a spin and bring on the festive vibe!

Even better, share it with a loved one or friend so they can remember how fun this album is.

It’s all a part of the season, trust me!

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