☀️ Baltimore Invests In Shelters For Displaced

AND A Puppies Wild Adventure

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Here’s what to know for Tuesday:

  • Baltimore acquires two hotels for $18m to provide shelter and long-term housing for homeless

  • Former professor donates $1B to Bronx medical school for free tuition

  • Puppy escaped death on Boston highway and found a forever home


Baltimore's sealed the deal on an $18.4 million agreement to scoop up two downtown hotels.

They're not turning these places into luxury vacation spots. Instead, they're transforming them into emergency shelters for folks in need, with long-term housing plans in mind.

Leaders in the city gave the thumbs up in a 4-1 vote to snatch up these hotels, adding some much-needed beds to the city's capacity.

And get this: The city had this massive chunk of change from federal pandemic aid just sitting there, waiting to be put to good use. So they're splurging on homeless services, making it the largest investment in Baltimore's history.

These hotels aren't just a temporary fix. The grand plan is to give them a makeover into cozy homes for the long haul.

Ernestina Simmons, the director of the Mayor’s Office of Homeless Services, spilled the beans, saying they're answering the call to do better and do more for their community.

For the next nine months, the current owners are still on the hook for running the show, from keeping the rooms spick and span to managing the plumbing.

But after that?

They're gearing up to transform these spots into what they call "permanent supportive housing," complete with all the bells and whistles like subsidized rent and on-site services.

Now, I know what you're thinking: Why did it take so long

Well, as Mayor Brandon Scott puts it, Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither are real estate deals.

Baltimore is stepping up and showing some serious love to their neighbors in need. Moments like these remind us there's still plenty of good in the world.

📙 Former professor donates $1 billion to Albert Einstein College of Medicine, making tuition free for all students

🚶 TWIN Exoskeleton is the new wearable robot designed for lower limbs

🐘  Bangladesh’s endangered elephants are getting court protection

🌱  Cities are replacing concrete with green spaces

🐍 Scripps Research discovered an antibody that blocks lethal snake venoms

Sparkle, the tiny 10-week-old Chihuahua, found herself in the midst of an unexpected adventure along a Boston highway ramp.

Rescued by a compassionate soul from Pine Street Inn just before a daring dash onto Interstate 93, Sparkle's tale took a heartwarming turn.

Swiftly whisked away to safety by her hero, Sparkle found herself at the Animal Rescue League of Boston's center.

Despite her pint-sized stature and all-black coat, this pup's arrival was met with open arms and wagging tails.

After a bit of TLC, Sparkle was deemed fit as a fiddle, but alas, no one came forward to claim her. Cue the Chafins family!

Already proud parents to three cats and a few lizards, they welcomed Sparkle into their loving home.

With a new family and a plethora of pals, Sparkle's highway escapade led to the ultimate happy ending.

The Black Keys are back!

They have a single out for their new album, “Ohio Players.”

Check it out and get excited for the whole album in April.

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