☀️ Biking 2,500 Miles For An Education

AND France's New Prime Minister Makes History

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Here’s what to know for Wednesday:

  • A student bikes across Africa to try and earn a scholarship

  • A dog shelter’s plea is met by community support

  • France’s Prime Minister makes a ton of history


Talk about pedal power! Mamadou Safayou Barry, a dedicated student from Guinea, turned his dream into a reality in the most adventurous way possible. 

To earn a scholarship at Egypt's prestigious Al-Azhar University, he rode his bike 2,500 miles across West Africa.

Imagine cycling through scorching heat, navigating tricky political landscapes, and dodging danger at every turn. 

Barry's journey began in May, with his eyes on the ancient university known for its Islamic studies. 

His route took him through Burkina Faso, Mali, Togo, Benin, Niger, and Chad. He faced many challenges, such as arrests and navigating through areas with militant insurgencies. But they didn’t stop him.

Despite all these obstacles, he remained determined and never lost his focus.

Barry's story touched many hearts while he was in Chad. As a result, people donated money to help him complete his journey. 

With the donations, he could bypass the war-ravaged areas of Sudan and catch a flight for the final leg of his journey.

Once in Egypt, Barry's extraordinary effort paid off. 

He secured a meeting with Dr. Nahla Elseidy, the Dean of Islamic Studies at Al-Azhar, and guess what? His incredible journey and sheer determination earned him a place in the university with a full scholarship. 

From pedaling across countries to hitting the books, Barry's story is a testament to where dedication and a pair of sturdy bike wheels can take you.

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Gabriel Attal is making history as the new Prime Minister of France. 

At 34 years old, Attal is not only the youngest ever to hold this prestigious position, but he also breaks new ground as the first openly gay man to do so. 

President Emmanuel Macron's appointment is a crucial moment in France's political landscape and a significant milestone for the LGBTQ community worldwide.

As a key figure in Macron's Renaissance Party, Attal's political journey has been impressive. 

As the Minister of Education and National Youth, he focused on stopping bullying and prohibited wearing the abaya in public schools.

His energy and commitment to these causes have been noteworthy.

As Prime Minister, Attal's immediate task will be to form a new government and facilitate the smooth passage of the president's agenda.

His appointment comes ahead of critical events, including this summer's European elections and the upcoming Olympics in Paris. 

All that said, Gabriel Attal is a rising star in French politics, bringing a fresh perspective to the table. 

He represents a blend of youth, diversity, and progressive values, which marks a new chapter in French politics.

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