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AND Building New Coral Skeletons

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Here’s what to know for Wednesday:

  • Bus driver saves third grader from choking on candy

  • Comic Bookmobile brings smiles to Tucson neighborhoods

  • Innovation and robots are restoring our reefs


In Volusia County, Florida, a school bus is rolling along, filled with chattering kids. Suddenly, things take a dramatic twist when a third-grader starts choking on a piece of candy.

But here's where our hero comes in—Meet Mayrelyn Lopez, the bus driver.

This incredible incident unfolded just before Christmas break. Lopez, our quick-thinking driver, was dealing with some unrelated chaos in the back of the bus when she noticed something was seriously amiss.

As she made her way back to her seat, she saw the young boy turning an alarming shade of purple.

It turns out he'd gobbled up a piece of candy from a Christmas party earlier that day, and it got stuck right in his throat.

Security footage captured Lopez springing into action, performing the Heimlich Maneuver in a flash!

"I said, 'Hey, what's going on?' Grabbed him and did 'this' so fast," Lopez recounted while demonstrating the life-saving move.

And just like that, the candy was out, and the day was saved.

Afterward, she brought the boy to the front of the bus to keep a watchful eye on him, and the rest of the ride went off without a hitch.

Lopez modestly credits her instincts, saying, "Thank God, I [stood] up at the right moment," and admitting she was a bit scared.

The young boy, Levi Holder, has fully recovered, and when asked about Lopez, he had this to say: "She was very nice. Thank you for saving my life."

We also heard from Holder's mom, who expressed her gratitude for Lopez's heroic actions and overall attentiveness in this heart-pounding situation.

"I'd want somebody to help my kids if they were in that situation," Lopez said.

This just goes to show that heroes come in all forms, even behind the wheel of a school bus!

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🥪 School lunch debt crisis paid off by GoFundMe campaign

🗞 Newspaper carrier saves subscriber’s home from fire

🐘 Elephants team up to save baby elephant from falling into mud

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Meet Taryn Foster, a coral scientist and the CEO of Coral Maker in Western Australia.

She's partnered with a software company, Autodesk. Their mission is to use automation and artificial intelligence to build climate-resilient coral skeletons.

These high-tech coral robots are teaming up with humans to restore reefs on a massive scale, using recycled materials for a greener touch.

The coral bots produced by Coral Maker are set to restore 250 acres of coral reef per year once they're fully operational.

But the battle isn't just in Australia; it's a worldwide effort.

In the Florida Keys, the Coral Restoration Foundation is nurturing endangered coral species.

Yet, even with all these efforts, the reefs still face threats from rising ocean temperatures.

Now, not everyone in the coral world agrees on the best approach.

Some say that coral has its own resilience and can recover without human intervention.

But others believe that we need to step in, educate the public, and fight climate change head-on to save our underwater wonders.

Whatever the case, it’s great to see people make an effort to help our oceans thrive. 

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