☀️ Cat Saved From Tree

AND Staff Sends Toddler's Toy On Adventure

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Here’s what to know for Friday:

  • Meet the heroes who save cats from trees

  • Balloon artist brings joy to couples getting married on Valentine’s Day

  • Staff made a toddler’s day by sending his toy on an adventure


Ralphie, a daring gray shorthair from Richfield, Ohio, recently found himself in a hairy situation—literally—when he decided to embark on a high-flying adventure up a towering maple tree in his family's backyard.

But alas, what goes up doesn't always come down easily, especially if you're a curious kitty!

Connie Palmer, Ralphie's ever-patient human, was at her wit's end trying to coax her feline friend down from his lofty perch.

After days of fruitless efforts, she finally stumbled upon the hero of our story: Duane Hook, a tree-climbing wizard with a knack for rescuing stranded kitties.

Armed with ropes, harnesses, and a heart full of compassion, Hook swung into action as he navigated the maze of branches to reach Ralphie.

Connie recalls the moment to a scene straight out of an action movie.

Hook is also part of a team that dedicates its days to freeing cats from tight spots.

And it's not Ralphie who's fallen victim to the call of the wild. Bowser, Thumbelina, Roxy, Yeti, Bagel—the list goes on! These brave souls have all found themselves in need of a helping hand, or should we say, a helping paw?

So the next time you spot a cat stuck in a tree, fear not!

There's a band of heroes out there, ready to swoop in and save the day. And remember, as Duane Hook so eloquently put it, "The cat's in the bag!"

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🥞A harried housewife started a centuries-old tradition of pancake racing

🦊 Fox rescued after getting stuck in a fence

🧤 Antarctic thermals are donated to Cambridge homeless charity

🎈 Volunteer makes Valentine’s Day special for couples tying the knot

🤱 Navy sailor meets his newborn daughter for the first time at airport reunion

A 4-year-old boy and his lost stuffed animal had a happy reunion after the toy went on a mini-vacation at the Holiday Inn Express.

If you've ever experienced the panic of losing your child's plushie, you know it's a race against time to reunite them.

When a dad reached out to the hotel, he wasn't expecting the surprise that awaited him in his inbox. Instead of a "We found your item" message, the hotel staff brought the lost toy to a VIP experience.

In a cute email exchange, the staff at the hotel shared the stuffed dog's adventures all around the place, complete with adorable photos.

From chilling at the front desk to hitting the gym (gotta stay fit for those hugs!), this plushie lived like a true VIP.

And guess what? The staff's cleverness and kindness didn't go unnoticed.

The dad's social media post about the whole experience got loads of love and even convinced some folks to pick IHGhotels for their next trip.

So, next time you're traveling with your kiddos and their favorite cuddly pals, know that there are hotels out there ready to make even a stuffed dog named Rover feel like a VIP.

Hey adventurers! Who says a short winter vacation can't pack a punch of excitement?

Just because your getaway is brief doesn't mean it can't be bursting with adventure. Think quality over quantity!

Start by choosing a destination that screams action - maybe it's a snowy mountain town with skiing and snowboarding or a cozy cabin where you can hike and explore frozen waterfalls.

The key? Pack your days with activities that make you feel alive.

And let's not forget the joy of warming up afterward - think hot cocoa by a crackling fire or a steamy hot tub under the stars.

Trust me, you'll return feeling like you've been away for a week, not just a couple of days. Adventure awaits, no matter the duration!

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