☀️ Cat Saves Dog In Unlikely Team Up

AND Found Ancient Site Might Be From Indigenous Song

Inhale the present, exhale the past.

Now, let your breath guide you back to the present moment, where peace and mindfulness reside.

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Here’s what to know for Monday:

  • Ancient watering holes in New Zealand might be familiar to some

  • Surfers rescue more people than you’d think

  • A coyote attacks a dog, but an unlikely ally saves the day


Marine geologist Mick O'Leary discovered two ancient watering holes beneath the ocean and recently shared a digital model of his findings. 

Douglas, in his 90s, excitedly spoke in his native language, mentioning the phrase "half-and-half." It turns out he was referring to a songline, a part of his heritage he knew by heart but had never fully seen.

Songlines are more than just songs.

They're like a living map and history book combined, passed down through generations. They guide First Nations people across Australia's landscape by embedding directions in songs. 

These songs describe landmarks, and they're a way to preserve culture and history. The Seven Sisters saga is the most well-known starry pursuit across the skies, mirroring the landscapes below.

Douglas had only known half of the terrain in the songline, never the part with the watering holes. 

That means the song might be over 7,000 years old, dating back to when sea levels were much lower. The discovery bridged a historical gap, connecting the ancient and the present.

But the journey to uncover these artifacts was no walk in the park. 

Jonathan Benjamin and his team embarked on a challenging mission to explore the Flying Foam Passage. Despite strong tidal currents, they conducted daily searches lasting just one hour.

Their perseverance paid off, uncovering evidence of a vibrant past that once lay hidden beneath the waves.

First Nations peoples' stories and knowledge are vital to understanding our shared history. A breakthrough like this changes how we see our coasts.

It reminds us how combining different perspectives and wisdoms can reveal a more complete picture of our world.

🛒 An act of kindness lifts the spirits of an elderly couple in a marketplace

🗽 A report shows that New York City is less racially segregated now than in years past

🐘 The population of African elephants stabilizes in the southern Heartlands

🏄 Recent studies suggest that the average surfer will save three people while out in the ocean over the course of their life

🌳 A conservation group buys a portion of a rainforest to help protect the local wildlife

🏡 The “Grandmother of Juneteenth” reclaims her family land after a racist mob destroyed her home there 80 years ago

In a jaw-dropping encounter, a courageous cat turned into a furry superhero for a family dog. 

Two menacing coyotes targeting the family dog interrupted a simple backyard scene. It's the kind of tense moment that makes you hold your breath.

Though shaken and injured from the coyote attack, the dog recovered after receiving some stitches and a splint.

Now, this heroic tale isn't just about the cat's bravery. 

It's a crucial reminder for all pet owners about keeping our furry friends safe. 

Colorado Parks & Wildlife shares valuable tips: always keep pets on a leash, especially near potential coyote den sites or thick vegetation. If you ever encounter a coyote, pick up small pets immediately.

Remember to coyote-proof our homes, never feed coyotes, clear your yard of pet food or bird feeders that might attract them, and ensure your trash is secured. 

Let's keep our pets and neighborhoods safe, inspired by the brave actions of one remarkable cat.

Ever felt like your mind's as cluttered as your room? 

Here's a little secret: tidying up your space can be a game-changer for mental clarity and well-being. 

It's all about creating a sanctuary where your thoughts can roam free without tripping over yesterday's laundry.

But it's not just about making your space look pretty. 

The act of cleaning itself is a form of mindfulness. 

As you sort, scrub, and sweep, you also clear out mental cobwebs, making room for new, positive thoughts and ideas. 

It's like hitting the refresh button on your mental browser.

So, next time you're feeling overwhelmed or stuck in a rut, try this: tackle that pile of papers, fold those clothes, and make your bed. 

A little tidying goes a long way in bringing much-needed peace and renewal to your mind.

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