☀ Cows Help Families Out Of Poverty

AND Seniors Reclaim Their Tai Chi Space

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Here’s what to know for Tuesday:

  • Landline viewers raise over $200,000 to transform lives in Cambodia.

  • Arkansas residents came together to help a janitor

  • Vancouver seniors return to the mall after being kicked out


Viewers of ABC's Landline show gave over $200,000 to Cows for Cambodia after seeing a segment about the charity in June last year.

Wallace Gunthorpe, the cattle whisperer behind the scenes, was blown away by the response.

"Folks chipped in everything from fifty bucks to twenty-five grand! It's like Christmas came early," he gushed.

So, what's the moo-vellous idea behind Cows for Cambodia?

Yep, you read that right.

These moo-tiful creatures aren't just any cows; they're like walking bank accounts. The families keep the calf, and when Mama Cow is ready for round two, she pays it forward to another family.

And guess what? It's not just about moo-la.

These cows are changing lives faster than you can say "udderly fantastic." In just a few years, families are breaking the poverty cycle through cows.

But wait, there's more!

Andrew "Cosi" Costello, the brains behind Cows for Cambodia, didn't stop at cows.

Nope, he went full-on superhero and built a school, too!

Now, thanks to the generosity of Landline viewers, this school is expanding faster.

What started as a dream to tackle rural poverty has now become a reality. With the support pouring in, the future is looking brighter than ever for our Cambodian friends.

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In a heartwarming twist, Vancouver's Chinatown Plaza Mall welcomed back seniors eager to embrace the ancient art of tai chi.

But now, with official approval, they're back in action!

Melody Ma, representing Chinatown Together, expressed her joy, saying, "It's a bit of a celebration for us to be able to be here today... to practice tai chi together and our culture together in Chinatown."

And who better to lead the charge than Mrs. Ma herself, one of the seniors who received an eviction notice last year?

Dozens of eager locals joined in, soaking up every bit of wisdom she had to offer.

Reflecting on the past, Melody Ma stressed the importance of having safe spaces for seniors to practice their culture.

Jin He, a volunteer, likened tai chi to breakfast – an essential part of daily life. He emphasized the significance of reclaiming public spaces for the community.

The return of these seniors signifies more than just a comeback; it's a reclaiming of what's rightfully theirs.

As Jin He so aptly put it, "We are happy to honor this space... it is a public space, a place for the community."

So, here's to reclaiming spaces, preserving culture, and embracing the art of tai chi – one graceful move at a time!

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