☀️ Doctor Changes Mothers' Lives

AND A Jaw Dropping Tip

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Here’s what to know for Tuesday:

  • Australian doctor is changing lives of moms and babies in Nepal

  • Hermit crab survives house fire

  • A generous tip brightens up a cafe


Meet Dr. Raymond Hodgson, a hero in scrubs hailing from Port Macquarie, Australia. Dr. Hodgson, alongside a team of local Nepalese doctors, is flipping the script on maternal health.

The ‘Mothers and Babies Hospital’, set to open its doors in Dolakha early next year is the catalyst driving the change.

But what sparked Dr. Hodgson's journey?

Well, it all began with a patient he treated over a decade ago who opened his eyes to the dire situation facing women's health in Nepal. He discovered that many women in Nepal were also dealing with the stigma of conditions like genital prolapse.

Armed with compassion and a can-do attitude, Dr. Hodgson set out to make a difference.

With the help of Rotary and other generous donors, they've almost hit their fundraising goal to make this dream hospital a reality.

For now, doctors from Nepal recently jetted off to Port Macquarie to learn more about Australia’s healthcare system. And make a difference while we wait for the hospital to open.

It’s teamwork that’s making the dream work!

From the rugged mountains of Nepal to the sunny shores of Australia, they're rewriting the story of maternal health, one heartbeat at a time.

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🌿England introduces new rules to make builders pay for nature loss

🦀 Firefighters rescue hermit crab from burning home

Super Bowl 58 makes history as the first solar-powered game in the history of the event

💦 Florida’s manatees make a comeback with record numbers in warm springs

🐶 Missing dog found having a blast at a local bar

🌳 Conversationists celebrate land purchase to save part of 'America's Amazon'

This week, the Mason Jar Cafe in Benton Harbor saw an incredible act of kindness that's sure to warm your heart.

A customer stuns everyone by leaving a jaw-dropping $10,000 tip!

Turns out, the anonymous tipper was in town to honor a late friend at a memorial service. Instead of just grabbing a cup of joe and heading out, he decided to spread some love in the form of an insanely generous tip.

Now, here's where it gets even sweeter: the server, Linsey Boyd, didn't keep the entire tip to herself.

Nope, she decided to share the wealth with her fellow colleagues, splitting it among the seven employees working that shift.

"I know he was drinking coffee, his bill was only like $30 dollars, so the tip was like a very big tip," she said. You can practically feel the shock and excitement radiating off her words!

In a world where good news can sometimes feel scarce, stories like this remind us that kindness and generosity still reign supreme.

So here's to random acts of kindness and the incredible ripple effect they create.

If you’re into this morbid humor…

…check out the latest film written by Diablo Cody, the creator of JENNIFER’S BODY.

We expect it to be wild, whacky, and definitely not suitable for children. Make it a date night, okay?

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