☀️ Energy News Gives Us New Hope

PLUS: AI Helps Solve Drug-Resistant Infections

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Here’s what to know for Friday:

  • Investment in renewables shifts the balance

  • A service dog graduates

  • AI helps fight infections


Solar power is having its star moment.

Fatih Birol, head honcho of the International Energy Agency, says that clean energy is getting more investment love than oil for the first time. That's a huge deal.

If this continues, we're looking at a new energy landscape.

In the money game, they project $1.7T to go green in 2023, compared to $1T still clinging to fossil fuels. It's a bold turn from five years ago when it was a clean 50/50 split.

Where did this green rush come from?

The economy's picking up after Covid-19. Plus, thanks to events like Russia's Ukraine invasion, folks are anxious about energy security and price issues. So we're trying to turn negatives into positives by finding real, renewable solutions. 

US policy support hasn't hurt, either - $369B in clean tech subsidies and tax credits is a sweet boost.

Solar's taking the lead in a way we've never seen before.

It's looking at $382B in 2023, outshining oil's expected $371B. That's a massive leap from 2013, when oil was king with $636B, and solar was the underdog with only $127B. What a glow-up!

But we've got challenges to face.

Despite the clean energy surge, carbon emissions hit a record 36.8B tonnes last year. And oil companies need to put their money where their mouth is, spending more on low-carbon solutions.

The shift to green is exciting, but we can't get complacent. The future looks bright; let's keep it that way.

🗞 More Good News

🎉 First time in 16 years, baby meerkats were born at The National Zoo in DC

🏛️ Her County Gov’t sold her home and pocketed the profit. SCOTUS wasn’t having it

🦜 A bird smuggling scheme was broken up at the Miami airport

🇪🇺 The EU is no longer dependent on Russia for energy

🥇 A young girl is honored for saving her family from carbon monoxide poisoning

🐶 This service dog receives a diploma alongside his owner during graduation at Seton Hall

☀️ The Bright Side

I asked AI to make “a robot fighting superbugs.”

Scientists decided to give AI a crack at playing matchmaker. The bachelor? A deadly superbug. The eligible bachelorette? Potential antibiotics.

AI swooped in like Cupid, sifting through thousands of chemical profiles to find the perfect match. And voila, it gave us abaucin, a potent (though still experimental) antibiotic.

The researchers behind this digital love story—based in Canada and the US—think AI could be a real game changer in speeding up drug discovery.

Nowadays, AI isn't just for making silly images and cheating on homework.

It's also helping us tackle superbugs. Breakthroughs like this are happening all the time, thanks to new developments in artificial intelligence.

With its knack for playing matchmaker, who knows? AI could find a cure for the common cold next. After all, in AI, "Impossible" is only another challenge.

That's a comforting thought as we go about our sneezing, superbug-dodging days. Cheers to science!

✨ Feel-Good Friday

It’s just a trailer, but mark your calendars for July 21st. Still, this trailer is a great way to start your Friday.

It’s so bright and energetic. You can tell the cast enjoyed making this movie, and it doesn’t feel like a corporate cash grab. Celebrate movies like this.

So for something to recommend this weekend: recall your favorite toy as a child. Try and see if you can find it online. See how much money it’s going for now.

You don’t need to buy it, but sometimes it’s fun to lean into nostalgia. The whole exercise is more about remembering the old toys that brought us joy at different stages in our life.

Let me know what you find!

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