☀ Fate Brings Airport Strangers Together

AND Five Year Old Coach's Speeches Go Viral

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Here’s what to know for Monday:

  • A chance airport meeting comes full circle

  • France became the first country to limit excess fast fashion

  • The five-year-old basketball dynamo winning hearts with pep talks


Christian Friese was lost at the Honolulu airport until she met Aaron Maluo, who works for Hawaiian Airlines.

Skip ahead to a surprise encounter at the boarding gate: Aaron appeared as Christian was about to board her flight to Portland. 

Their story didn't end at the airport.

Thanks to a lucky discovery that they both went to the same school, their text messages turned into plans to meet up at a football game.

With Aaron flying in and Christian cheering on their team, their next adventure was set in motion.

Their time together in Ann Arbor was truly special.

Despite a not-so-exciting football game, their connection grew stronger.

Christian and Aaron's relationship blossomed, leading to a proposal in their cozy Portland home.

Tears and laughter filled the kitchen as Aaron asked the big question, creating a moment they'll never forget.

Their journey to marriage was full of romance, with a vintage-themed wedding on the shores of Oahu.

From snapshots in the airport to decorations with flags from around the world, their love story took off in the most unexpected places.

Today, Christian and Aaron live in Portland with their adorable son, Cruz.

As they cheer on their favorite football team, they're grateful for the chance encounter that brought them together.

Looking back on their journey, Christian says, "Sometimes, things just fall into place if you let them." For Aaron, their meeting at the airport was the start of an amazing adventure, guided by fate and fueled by love.

In the end, it wasn't just a random meeting – it was the beginning of a beautiful story, written in the stars and sealed with a smile.

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What four year old do you know that coaches his whole butt off? Coach CB pregame prep talk! • • • #YouthCoach #FutureStar #christopherbes... See more

Christopher Bess, aka Coach CB, is a five-year-old dynamo whose passionate locker-room speeches are making waves in the basketball world.

Hailing from North Carolina, this tiny titan's love for the game blossomed under the watchful eye of his dad, a high school basketball coach.

According to proud mom and dad, Coach CB's passion for coaching was evident even before he could spell "basketball." At just two years old, he was already soaking up court-side wisdom like a sponge.

But what's got everyone talking?

It's Coach CB's electrifying speeches that have gone viral faster than a fast break.

It's not just about the game for Coach CB. 

It's about the camaraderie, the teamwork, and the sheer joy of teaching.

His favorite part?

"Teaching the guys," he beams, his eyes shining brighter than a championship trophy.

And this kid isn't stopping at assistant coach. 

Oh no. He has big dreams of becoming a head coach in the NBA, NFL, WNBA, or college.

Who knows, maybe one day we'll see Coach CB leading his own team to victory on the biggest stage of all.

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