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AND From Prison To Law School

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Here’s what to know for Monday:

  • This dad is on a mission to make Philadelphia safer

  • How a woman is reviving residential buildings for community impact

  • Man gets a college degree in prison and is now off to law school


Eric Williams, the superhero dad of Philadelphia, is not just fighting crime but also making the city streets safer for people with autism.

And his weapon? Street signs!

No, not the ones that say "Stop" or "Yield," but ones that read "autistic person area."

Eric's journey started when his son Elijah was diagnosed with autism at the tender age of 3.

Determined to ensure the safety of individuals like Elijah, Eric founded Project Elijah Empowering Autism (PEEA).

"We need to bring more awareness to motorists," Eric explains. And boy, is he doing just that! With hit-and-runs on the rise, Eric's on a mission to slow down drivers and keep our streets safe.

The signs serve as a friendly reminder to drivers that someone with autism might pop up unexpectedly.

Families interested in getting these superhero signs for their neighborhoods can easily apply online.

PEEA teams up with the Streets Department to ensure these signs find their spot on the streets.

In just two months, Eric's dream has taken off like a rocket!

With nearly 400 applications flooding in, over 77 signs have already made their mark, and the count is climbing faster than Spider-Man scaling a building!

Jamila Tucker-Mulero, a real-life hero running a nonprofit for kids with autism, knows firsthand the importance of these signs.

Eric's not stopping there. Nope, not even close.

He's gearing up to talk with the city council, hoping to secure funding to install more of these superhero signs throughout the city.

His next target? Every school in Philly!

And the support? It's been pouring in faster than a flash flood!

"All of the good comments that come across social media, the emails, it's just so encouraging," Eric beams.

It looks like Philly has a real-life hero in its midst, fighting the good fight one sign at a time.

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Benard McKinley, aged 39, is trading his prison stripes for the hallowed halls of Northwestern Pritzker School of Law in Chicago.

Since leaving prison in December 2023, McKinley's been on a whirlwind of preparation for his next big adventure.

He's the first graduate of Northwestern University’s Prison Education Program (NPEP). He also secures a spot in any law school, marking a historic milestone.

For McKinley, formal education took a halt with a criminal sentence at the age of 19.

But he didn't give up on learning. Instead, he dove into studying law in prison.

He applied to law school, and his personal essay captured the attention of admissions committees.

McKinley's journey from incarceration to academia is a testament to resilience and determination.

Now, he's set to make waves as he pursues his dream of becoming a civil rights lawyer, all while inspiring others with his remarkable story.

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