☀️ Fulfilling A Grandma's Dream

AND 4 New Species Of Octopus Are Unlocked

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Here’s what to know for Thursday:

  • Grandson publishes his grandma’s book

  • South Carolina man saves dog from coyote

  • Researchers discover 4 new octopus species


Barbara Rieco had a children's story that she dreamed of sharing with the world. Her grandson, Chad Cooper, helped make her dream come true.

Back in 1972, Barbara penned a touching children's book inspired by a little girl she met in Appalachia. 

This encounter with poverty left a lasting impression on her, shaping her perspective on life. Despite her determined efforts, Rieco faced nothing but rejection.

Fast forward to the present, Chad, a New York City design and production whiz, discovered his grandmother's long-forgotten manuscript. 

With the holidays around the corner, he had the perfect surprise in mind. 

He turned the manuscript into a book, including illustrations made by a Vietnamese artist years ago.

Barbara's reaction, captured in a now-viral video, was priceless. "Oh my god, this is probably the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me in my entire life," she exclaimed. 

Barbara, overwhelmed by the outpouring of love, expressed her gratitude, "I love you all, and at least I touched hearts."

As for Chad, this experience ignited a new mission in him. 

He is now determined to help others achieve their dreams, just as he did for his beloved grandmother. This story is a beautiful reminder that dreams can come true at any age, despite the obstacles we may face.

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🏗️ A former gang member takes a journey to become a business owner offering second chances

🐶 A man saves his dog from coyote attack in South Carolina

🔌 Poland is working to set an end date for coal power in their country

🏍️ MIT builds an open-source hydrogen-powered motorcycle that runs on fuel cells

🕵️ Archeologists uncover a couple of lost cities in Ecuador that lasted for thousands of years

A group of scientists conducted two expeditions off the coast of Costa Rica and discovered four new deep-sea octopus species. 

In June, they found two octopus nurseries near hydrothermal springs and confirmed their year-round activity in December.

One of the newly discovered species is called the Dorado Octopus, which was found near El Dorado Hill. 

The Dorado Octopus is related to the Pearl Octopus, discovered in California in 2018. Three other species are being studied currently.

The scientists on the December expedition got their hands on more than 160 deep-sea animal specimens. 

They're archiving these specimens at the Museum of Zoology at the University of Costa Rica. This way, other researchers and students can study them whenever they want. 

The discovery underlines the significance of hot springs in the deep sea as a crucial habitat for various deep-sea creatures. 

And it opens up new avenues for future research, which will undoubtedly expand our understanding of the deep sea and its biodiversity.

The First Temptation of Doggo.

If I saw this on my plane, I’d give that cute dog the whole bag of pretzels (assuming the owner is okay with it).

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