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AND Flag Football Is An Olympic Opportunity For Many Women

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Here’s what to know for Friday:

  • This person gave them schoolwork from 40 years ago

  • Uber driver helps save a teen’s Christmas

  • Flag Football is a fast-growing sport for women


A heartwarming reunion occurred at a diner in Oviedo when a former student unexpectedly met his high school English teacher's son.

The student, Ken Preuss, penned a creative assignment for Mrs. Helen Wheeler's class 40 years ago. 

The story unfolds at the Town House diner. It’s a local staple in Oviedo. 

While dining at a restaurant, Preuss, now a teacher, was approached by Craig Wheeler, his former teacher’s son. 

Wheeler surprised Preuss with a worn, gold folder. Inside were assignments the student had written in high school.

The folder contained a collection of funny journals, speeches, and vocabulary from Preuss and his classmates. It was titled "A Complete Poetic Look at the 81-82 Edition of Mrs. Wheeler's First Period Advanced Excelled Honor's English Class".

Students revered Mrs. Wheeler for her inspirational teaching style. And she made a lasting impression on Preuss, steering him towards a career in teaching. 

Her classes were a mix of literature, music, and vocabulary enrichment, fostering a love for learning and expression. 

This unexpected encounter was more than just a trip down memory lane. 

It symbolized the enduring impact of a great teacher and the ripple effect of her influence.

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🦫 A marmot pup baby boom helps this animal fight off extinction

🌹 The 135th Rose Parade will feature a City of Hope float with eight cancer survivors riding aboard

😱 A teenager left $8,000 in his Uber that was meant for his gift, but his Uber driver made sure it wasn’t missing for long 

🐶 A dog reunites with its family after jumping out the window of the car 4 months ago

Flag football is scoring big for women's sports, especially with its recent addition to the 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. 

This exciting, fast-paced, non-contact sport has garnered attention across the United States. 

This means that the world of female sports is undergoing some changes. 

Flag football is gaining popularity among girls, with more states recognizing it as a varsity sport. Thanks in part to college scholarships available for female players at the NAIA level. 

But the sport's inclusion in the Olympics is a game-changer, symbolizing the rising recognition and acceptance of women in football. 

The NFL's Pro Bowl festivities last winter showcased the growing popularity of this sport.

Its fast-paced nature and the rule that every offensive player is an eligible receiver make it an exciting spectacle. 

Participation rates for girls in the sport have dramatically increased, with a 178% rise among girls ages 6-12 between 2014 and 2022.

This effort is more than just about a sport. 

The movement aims to remove barriers and create new opportunities for women in sports.

As we gear up to welcome the New Year, why not embrace a timeless tradition that promises good luck and prosperity? 

This New Year's Eve, consider serving a classic Southern feast of black-eyed peas, collard greens, and pork. 

This isn't just a delicious meal. It's steeped in symbolism. 

The black-eyed peas are said to bring luck, while the collard greens' hue represents wealth. 

And the pork? It symbolizes progress and moving forward, as pigs root forward when foraging. 

This meal isn't just a treat for your taste buds; it's a nod to good fortune and positive vibes for the coming year. 

So gather your loved ones, set the table, and indulge in this hearty, hopeful, and traditional feast to kick-start your New Year with a dash of luck and a whole lot of flavor!

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