☀️ Good Dog Saves Neighbor

AND Maine Storm Unveils Ancient Ship

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Here’s what to know for Friday:

  • Dog saves neighbor from gas leak

  • After 45 years, this McDonald’s worker calls it quits

  • This storm in Maine unveiled an old shipwreck


Kobe, a brave husky from Philadelphia, became an internet sensation.

At first, Kobe's owner, Chanell Bell, found his digging strange. However, she investigated further and discovered a gas leak using a gas level reader. 

The leak was located exactly where Kobe had been digging. 

The situation was so precarious that workers later remarked that a simple flick of a light switch could have triggered a devastating explosion. 

The potential disaster was averted thanks to Kobe's keen senses, and the city repaired the leak over three days.

This story has led to widespread acclaim on social media, with many calling for Kobe to be awarded a medal for his lifesaving actions. 

Embracing Kobe’s newfound fame, Bell published “The Dog That Saved the Block Before Christmas,” quickly becoming a top new release in children’s books related to Kwanzaa.

But this is not just about a dog’s extraordinary act.

It's a reminder of the deep bond and mutual understanding between humans and their pets. 

Kobe and Bell's story has inspired many, highlighting how intuition and attentiveness to our furry friends can lead to incredible outcomes.

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🔍 A scholar uncovers poems that they believe Louisa May Alcott wrote under a pseudonym

🍔 Congrats are in order for this 84-year-old McDonald’s worker who retired after 45 years

The recent storm in Maine revealed a fascinating piece of history at Acadia National Park. 

The Tay, a two-masted schooner that met its end in 1911, resurfaced at Sand Beach after being hidden for years. 

The Tay, an old shipwreck, recently became more exposed than it has been in over twenty years. The ship met a tragic end after it struck a rocky ledge during a storm while near Sand Beach. 

Clinging to the broken mast, the crew awaited low tide to reach safety. 

Local islanders and the Satterlee family salvaged the Tay's cargo of spruce planks, using some to construct a boathouse in memory of the shipwreck. 

This unexpected unearthing by the storm offers a unique opportunity to connect with Maine's maritime past, a reminder of the power of nature and the ever-changing landscapes of our coasts.

This weekend, why not embrace the power of stillness to spark your creativity? 

It's like hitting the refresh button on your brain. 

In our fast-paced world, we often forget that being still can unlock our most imaginative thoughts. When you allow yourself to pause, your mind gets the space it needs to wander, explore, and create. 

You don't have to sit in complete silence or meditate for hours.

Find a quiet spot with a view of nature and let your mind roam free. Doodle in a notebook, daydream, or simply gaze out the window without a specific goal. 

You might be surprised at the creative ideas that flow when you permit yourself just to be. 

So this weekend, take some time for stillness and see where your creativity takes you!

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