☀️ Kid Celebrates 100-year-old Friend

AND Pigeon Reunites With Owner

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Here’s what to know for Tuesday:

  • A kid gets a gift for his 100-year-old friend’s birthday

  • Eddie Vedder gets a gift for musicians

  • Pigeon is found and returned to their owner


In Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 7-year-old Layla Leuthy Peck became the party planner extraordinaire for her best friend, Joe Gagliardi. Fun fact: he just turned a whopping 100 years old. 

Imagine that: a century of stories, laughter, and wisdom.

And Layla and Joe's friendship is something out of a storybook. 

They've been buddies since Layla was a baby and their age difference? A mere 93 years (but who's counting?).

Layla is a pint-sized wonder with a heart as big as her imagination. To announce the festivities, she arrived at Joe's house in the most splendid way possible–aboard a Newtown Township Fire truck. 

The sirens and horns announced the arrival of this spectacular birthday bash.

But a World War II veteran, Joe isn't just a centenarian. 

He's a man who's seen and lived history, and on his special day, he received a flag flown over the capital building in Washington, D.C., as a tribute to his service and life.

The local fire and police departments, including Layla's dad, Sean Peck, shook Joe's hand and gave him well wishes. 

But the real showstopper of the day? With her heart of gold, Layla brought 100 handmade cards from her classmates. 

It looks like Joe's life of service and sacrifice is now being mirrored by young Layla.

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🇰🇷 South Korea approves a plan to produce biogas from organic waster

📉 Homicide rates are on a historic decline despite public perception

🔬 A surgery to transfer nerves to a man’s hand from his leg may help him regain the use of it

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🎸 Eddie Vedder gifts guitars to a bunch of young musicians

A visit to Eva's Hair and Skin Salon in Cape Coral turned into an unexpected rescue mission. 

Elizabeth Merriken and Tammy Pangburn noticed a pigeon outside displaying peculiar behavior. Pangburn had just watered a plant, and the bird, seemingly captivated by the dripping water, tried to quench its thirst. 

It turns out it wasn't just any pigeon wandering the streets. 

It was a lost pet, longing for home.

Merriken, no stranger to helping stray animals, gently captured the bird. 

To everyone's astonishment, they found a phone number on its foot. 

The phone call to the number on the pigeon's foot unveiled a story of longing and loss. The pigeon had been lost for over 15 months, carried away by the winds of Hurricane Ian, leaving its owner heartbroken.

The owner was overjoyed at the news. 

Witnessing this heartwarming reunion, the salon staff captured the moment, observing the undeniable bond between the pigeon and its owner.

Some of you are still in the middle of the long winter break with your kids.

I’m not saying it’s a joy to be with them, but their going back to school won’t be the worst thing ever, right?

Anyways, end the break on a high note and check out MIGRATION (2023).

It’s a fun film made by Illumination with all the joy and expert storytelling you’d expect from the studio.

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