☀ Library Forgives Fees With Cat Photos

AND Neck Brace Saves Grasshopper

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Here’s what to know for Wednesday:

  • Library clears fines from cat photos

  • Meal delivery connects shelter dogs to a forever home

  • Tiny neck brace saves grasshopper


The Worcester Public Library in Massachusetts has unveiled the perfect solution for those pesky late fees—and it involves our favorite furry friends: cats!

You know those moments when you lose or accidentally destroy a borrowed book or DVD? The library's got your back, thanks to its March Meowness program.

Until the end of March, all it takes to get your library card back in action is a simple snapshot of a cat.

Yup, any cat photo will do. Whether it's your own majestic furball or a random kitty meme you found online, bring it in, and voilà!

Your library privileges are restored, no questions asked.

And let me tell you, folks, the response has been absolutely paw-some!

Hundreds of cat pics are flooding in faster than a kitten chasing a laser pointer. It's like a virtual cat parade on the library's Facebook page, with patrons showcasing their whiskered companions in all their glory.

But here's the best part: You don't even need to be a cat owner to cash in on this feline frenzy.

One clever kiddo who misplaced a "Captain Underpants" book got his card back by doodling his very own cat masterpiece. Talk about thinking outside the litter box!

Now, you might be wondering why the sudden obsession with our four-legged friends.

Well, besides the fact that cats are basically the internet's unofficial mascots, the library is on a mission to spread some much-needed cheer post-pandemic.

And let's face it, life happens.

Whether you're juggling a hectic schedule or forgot where you left that overdue novel, the library gets it. That's why they're ditching the fines and opting for a more feline-friendly approach to forgiveness.

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Meet the Peruvian jumping stick.

It’s a stick-like grasshopper known for its impressive hops and, now, its incredible story of resilience.

When this little critter shed its exoskeleton recently, things took a turn for the worse.

A weakened spot around its "neck" (if grasshoppers even have necks!) left its head flopping about like a bobblehead on overdrive whenever it tried to climb.

The heroes at the Houston Zoo swooped in with a solution: a miniature neck brace made from a humble Q-tip shaft and some trusty microspore tape.

Yes, you read that right - a neck brace for a grasshopper!

With the brace snugly in place, our tiny friend could navigate its world with newfound confidence while its exoskeleton toughened up.

And just like that, in a matter of days, the grasshopper was back in action, leaping and climbing with the best of them.

Sure, there's a tiny souvenir scar from the adventure, but that's just proof of a tale worth telling. The important thing is, our grasshopper pal is back to spreading joy and wonder in its exhibit.

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