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AND Ukrainian Fixes His New Town's Clock

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Here’s what to know for Wednesday:

  • A watchmaker gives back

  • Iceland’s bike whisperer helps people get bikes back

  • Llamas serve a unique purpose in this airport


Imagine this: a Ukrainian watchmaker, just weeks into her new life in Newfoundland, breathes life back into a 118-year-old clock that hadn't chimed in decades. 

Liudmyla Pass, 68, is a master of her craft. She ventured into the coastal town of Carbonear's clock tower with a mission. 

Within four hours, gears that had been silent for years started clicking and turning again. 

Pass arrived in Newfoundland on November 25th. She was fleeing the Russian invasion of her home country. 

But she didn't just fix a clock; she revived a piece of history. 

Her daughter Yulia, interpreting for her, shared the pride and joy in her mother's achievement. Liudmyla's story is one of resilience and passion. 

As a child, she was enchanted by clocks, seeing them as magical, fairy-tale objects. At 15, she fled to pursue her dream of fixing them despite her parents' reluctance.

The Carbonear Heritage Society had only hoped that by 2025, their clock would work again. Thanks to Pass, their dream came true much earlier.

This story isn't just about repairing an old clock.

It's about the power of skills, the resilience of the human spirit, and the beauty of new beginnings. 

Pass's new neighbors in Chapel's Cove and Carbonear look up at the clock tower with pride and gratitude. 

And guess what? Liudmyla's already in demand, with locals bringing their treasured timepieces for her to mend.

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You're at the bustling Portland International Airport, navigating the holiday travel chaos, and then, surprise! 

You're greeted not just by the usual holiday decorations but by two extraordinary guests – Beni and Prince, the therapy llamas. 

These fluffy experts from Mountain Peaks Therapy Llamas & Alpacas are here to make your travel experience less stressful and more memorable.

Lori Gregory, the mastermind behind these calming camelids, knows how unique and comforting llamas can be. 

Their thick, soft fiber makes them perfect for a close hug, offering a distinct kind of comfort compared to other therapy animals. 

Beni and Prince, dressed in their holiday best with antler headbands and glittery halters, are not your typical airport greeters. 

They're a testament to Portland's quirky charm and are here to spread some Zen during one of the year's busiest travel seasons.

But this delightful duo isn't just for the holiday season. 

Gregory's farm offers free therapy sessions with their llamas and alpacas. 

So, if you need some llama love before your next flight or just in general, give them a call. 

It's an experience you won't forget and a reminder that sometimes, the best stress relief comes in the most unexpected forms.

Don't live the same year 75 times and call it a life

Robin Sharma

Life is about taking in new experiences and growing.

Don’t settle for a routine that never challenges you. Try out new dinner spots, watch a movie without looking at reviews, and walk on a trail you’ve never been on before.

That’s life

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