☀ Man Completes Cross-Canada Run

AND Toddler's Accent Takes TikTok By Storm

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Here’s what to know for Monday:

  • Man runs across Canada for cancer

  • Lost siblings rediscover home and family

  • New Jersey toddler’s accent breaks the internet


Jon Nabbs has been pounding the pavement for over 300 consecutive days.

That's right, folks – this guy doesn't just jog around the block; he's on a marathon mission that stretches from sea to sea!

His epic journey kicked off in St. John’s, Newfoundland, last spring, all because he caught wind of the legendary tale of Terry Fox.

Inspired by Fox's bravery, Nabbs decided to lace up his sneakers and tackle the ultimate Canadian challenge: running coast to coast.

Nabbs has been raising some cash along the way for children battling cancer.

Armed with nothing but a trusty stroller carrying his essentials, Nabbs has been clocking in nearly seven hours of running each day.

His latest pit stop was none other than Vancouver! After a quick breather at BC Children’s Hospital, Nabbs dashed over to city hall to catch up with Mayor Ken Sim.

While Terry Fox's legacy lit the spark, Nabbs' personal journey with cancer in his own family fueled the fire.

Losing both his dad and mom to the battle, he's on a mission to make a difference.

"I lost my dad to skin cancer in 2020, and my mom to bowel cancer in 2021. They're my driving force," he shared, his determination shining through.

His initial goal of $60,000? Crushed. He's now sitting at $90,000 and counting, with his eyes set on reaching the $100k milestone.

Jon Nabbs isn't just running across Canada; he's running straight into the hearts of everyone he meets. And with each stride, he's proving that even in the face of adversity, kindness and courage can change the world.

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she was raised RIGHT. & for the record it was very hard for me to say these words without my own accent 😂 #fyp #newjersey #newyork #italia... See more

Giavanna, or as her fam calls her, Gia, the pint-sized powerhouse taking TikTok by storm with her adorable Jersey accent.

From declaring herself a "stawwr" to prepping for a royal "bawl" (that's ball for non-Jersey folk), Gia's got the accent game down pat.

And it's not just her family swooning over her linguistic skills—she's amassed over 7 million fans on TikTok who can't get enough of her charm.

Her aunt, Elaina Christina, the brains behind the viral content, was as surprised as anyone to hear Gia's unmistakably Jersey twang.

Just like how Peppa Pig turned a generation into tiny Brits, it seems Gia's been soaking up that Jersey vibe since day one. Who needs a British accent when you can rock a Jersey one like a boss?

But it wasn't until college that Elaina realized just how punchy their Jersey talk really was.

That's the Jersey spirit for ya!

Her online fans are rallying behind her, showering her with love and Jersey pride. "The cutest Jersey accent I've ever heard," one fan gushed. Another declared her a full-fledged "Joursey Gurl." Can we get an "aww" for that?

With her family cheering her on, she's bound to grow up embracing her roots and that oh-so-adorable accent.

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