☀️ Mental Health Gets AI Boost

AND Heart Transplant Patient Goes The Distance

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Here’s what to know for Monday:

  • AI chatbots bridge the gap in mental health services

  • Christian Bale plans to build foster homes in California

  • Heart transplant patient breaks world record after 40 years


Meet Limbic, the super-smart chatbot making mental health support more accessible in England! In a recent study, researchers found that Limbic has been a total game-changer for the NHS Talking Therapies program.

This program provides vital support to adults facing anxiety or depression, and Limbic is simplifying access to help.

Researchers looked at data from over 129,000 people visiting NHS Talking Therapies websites.

Half of these websites had Limbic on board, while the other half used traditional methods like web forms.

Referrals shot up by 15% in Limbic-equipped services compared to 6% elsewhere.

Plus, Limbic didn’t just help more people; it helped more diverse groups too.

Referrals from minority communities skyrocketed, with a 179% rise for people identifying as nonbinary, 39% for Asian patients, and 40% for Black patients.

Ross Harper, Limbic’s founder, is thrilled with the impact. He sees Limbic as a powerful tool for equity and inclusion, bringing vital support to those who need it most.

When technology and compassion come together, there’s no limit to the good they can do!

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Bert Janssen, a 57-year-old from the Netherlands, clinched a spot in the Guinness World Records Hall of Fame as the longest-surviving heart transplant patient.

Back in the '80s, when big hair and neon colors were all the rage, Bert underwent a life-changing operation at Harefield Hospital in London.

Diagnosed with cardiomyopathy at 17, Bert's heart needed a little extra love.

Bert's cardiologist back home had connections with Harefield Hospital and the legendary transplant pioneer Sir Magdi Yacoub. On June 6, 1984, Bert became part of medical history.

And get this – the procedure wasn't even available in the Netherlands at the time.

"It all happened so fast," Bert recalls. "I mean, only a week after landing at Harefield, they had not one, but two hearts available from a car accident in London. Talk about timing!"

Fast forward through the years, and Bert's heart – quite literally – hasn't skipped a beat. 

Married with two kids and a passion for glider flying (how cool is that?), he's living his best life.

"I'm still grateful every single day for the incredible gift my donor gave me," Bert says with a smile.

But Bert isn't celebrating for himself.

He's paving the way for others, proving that with a little love and a lot of gratitude, anything is possible.

So, here's to Bert Janssen – the real-life superhero with a heart of steel. We're rooting for you, Bert!

Feeling bored? Let's turn that yawn into a creative dawn with a sprinkle of mindfulness!

Imagine you're stuck in a mundane situation - maybe you're waiting in line or sitting through another endless Zoom meeting.

Instead of reaching for your phone or daydreaming about lunch, try this: focus on the present moment and let your mind wander creatively.

Start by observing your surroundings or the topic at hand. Notice the colors, the sounds, or the rhythm of speech. And then, here's the fun part: let your imagination run wild!

Connect these observations to something totally unrelated.

Maybe the pattern on the carpet reminds you of a childhood game, or the way your colleague speaks sparks an idea for a story.

This isn't just a time-killer; it's a creativity booster.

Mindfulness in boring situations can unlock new perspectives and ideas you'd never think of in 'normal' circumstances. So, next time boredom strikes, embrace it as a secret weapon for your creativity.

Who knows, you might just dream up your next big idea while waiting for your coffee!

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