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AND Native Hawaiian Causes Get A Financial Boost

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Here’s what to know for Friday:

  • Mississippi dedicates itself to improving its education system

  • Why is this train giving kids cardboard?

  • An heiress is donating $100m to Native Hawaiian causes


Mississippi is making waves in the literacy world, and it's a story worth sharing! 

Since 2013, this state has made significant progress in fourth-grade reading proficiency. It has moved from its previous rank at the bottom to 21st place.

How did they pull off such an impressive turnaround? 

Initially, they invested a modest $3 million in literacyefforut they didn't stop there. That funding eventually skyrocketed to a hefty $34 million annually. 

With this boost, Mississippi was able to bring 53 literacy coaches on board to support 103 low-performing schools. 

They didn't stop at keeping their educators; they also provided more chances to grow and upskill. That helped ensure that their valuable teachers were motivated and equipped with the latest skills to excel.

Mississippi's strategy wasn't just about throwing money at the problem. 

The state implemented a strict method to make sure that third-grade students fully learned how to read before moving on. 

This emphasis on reading skills at an early age has had positive results. It’s the biggest reason they’ve gone from being one of the worst performers to being nationally recognized.

But it's not just about test scores. 

Mississippi students rank fifth in the nation for their SAT performance and tend to nail college entrance exams across the board. 

This shows that their improved literacy skills are having a positive effect.

Mississippi's success story is inspiring others. It shows how investing in specific areas, providing support to educators, and focusing on fundamental skills improve an educational system.

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It’s a heartwarming testament to her love for Hawaiian culture and people.

The late Abigail Kawānanakoa, often revered as a princess due to her royal lineage, has left a monumental legacy for Native Hawaiian causes. 

$100 million from Kawānanakoa's estate will support Native Hawaiian initiatives. 

How? Kawānanakoa is a descendant of Hawaii’s royal family and the great-granddaughter of a prosperous sugar baron.

The move honors her lifelong commitment to preserving and advancing Hawaiian culture.

The funds from Kawānanakoa's trust will be channeled into perpetuating Native Hawaiian culture and language. 

Her contributions have ranged from scholarships to medical aid, underlining her commitment to the Hawaiian community.

This significant contribution is set to make lasting impacts, echoing Kawānanakoa's profound love and respect for her people and their heritage.

Diving into new activities can be a thrilling, if slightly daunting, experience. 

Take it from me - I recently decided to give ice skating a go. Yes, there were a few slips and an inevitable fall, but the joy and exhilaration of gliding (and sometimes stumbling) on the ice outweighed any fears. 

Embracing something new, especially if it scares you a bit, is a fantastic way to grow. 

It's not just about mastering the skill; it's about the journey, the laughs, and the stories you'll have to tell. So, whether it's ice skating, rock climbing, or learning an instrument, go for it! 

Even if you take a tumble, you'll be glad you stepped out of your comfort zone.

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