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Here’s what to know for Friday:

  • Inmates lead the way in recycling and rehabilitation

  • Four kids in HIV remission after early treatment initiation

  • Author strikes audiobook royalty deal with Audible

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La Joyita prison, situated just outside Panama City, used to be infamous for its grim conditions.

But one inmate, Franklin Ayón, decided enough was enough.

An agronomist turned inmate, Ayón crafted a genius plan back in 2014 – EcoSólidos. This recycling initiative had prisoners sorting, recycling, and selling waste, all while earning reduced sentences.

And guess what? Even the rival leaders gave it a thumbs-up, striking a temporary peace deal to make it happen.

Fast forward a decade, and EcoSólidos has become a massive success story.

With 500 inmates involved, they're recycling 80% of the prison's waste.

Plastic and aluminum? Sold. Food waste? Transformed into compost for the prison's gardens. They even started a nursery, donating thousands of tree seedlings each year to reforestation efforts.

But it’s not just about the environment; it's about transforming lives too.

Eliécer González, the brains behind treatment and rehabilitation in Panama’s prisons, explains how participation in EcoSólidos has led to a drop in reoffending rates, from 65% to a remarkable 45%.

Ayón, the mastermind behind EcoSólidos, didn't just stop at the prison gates. He extended the initiative beyond bars, founding GeoAzul, a nonprofit employing former inmates to tackle waste in Panama City.

It's a win-win – they earn a salary, gain work experience, and stay out of trouble.

According to the International Committee of the Red Cross, tensions between prisoners eased as the environment got cleaner. Plus, morale got a major boost when inmates saw their work making a real difference.

Suddenly, they weren’t just passing time; they were making a positive impact.

From ex-police officers to those once implicated in serious crimes, countless lives have been turned around thanks to this recycling revolution.

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Brandon Sanderson, renowned for his imaginative realms and compelling characters, recently took a bold step to ensure fair treatment for authors in the audiobook arena.

You see, Sanderson wasn't too pleased with the murky waters surrounding audiobook royalties, especially on the Audible platform.

Sanderson decided to take action.

He held back his latest creations from Audible, opting instead to shine a light on some of Audible's smaller competitors. Talk about a plot twist!

Sanderson's stand wasn't just about securing a better deal for himself; it was a quest for justice in the realm of literary creation.

His actions caught the attention of Audible's top brass, who swiftly flew to meet with him.

The result? A victory for authors everywhere!

Audible unveiled a new royalty structure, with improved rates and greater transparency.

Monthly royalties? Check. Spreadsheet breakdowns? Check.

This move isn't just a win for Sanderson; it's a triumph for the entire writing community. 

It's like the literary version of Taylor Swift's showdown with Universal Music Group over Spotify royalties.

Your champion has spoken, and the future of audiobooks just got a whole lot brighter.

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By putting pen to paper, you're giving your mind a breather and letting mindfulness take center stage.

So, next time you're feeling a bit frazzled, grab that journal and let the good vibes flow. Your mind will thank you, and who knows? You might just uncover some hidden gems along the way

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