☀ Paris Celebrates Waiters' Olympic Dreams

AND Wedding Crasher Becomes A Family Member

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Here’s what to know for Tuesday:

  • Parisian waiters race to Olympic glory

  • Study reveals dogs’ understanding of object names

  • Stray cat crashes a wedding and finds a forever home


There’s a new kind of sprint in town, and it involves balancing croissants and coffee cups while dashing through the streets of Paris.

That’s right, folks!

France’s capital recently revived a 110-year-old tradition, celebrating the unsung heroes of its bustling café culture: the waitstaff.

On a sunny Sunday in the Marais neighborhood, dozens of Parisian bistros' finest gathered to partake in this quirky event.

Picture this: trays held steady with a croissant, a cup of joe, and a glass of water, all while navigating a 1.2-mile route. It’s like the Olympics, but with a French twist and a lot more carbs.

Why the fuss, you ask?

Well, let’s just say these servers are the heartbeat of France.

Without them, where would Parisians go to hash out the day’s gossip or share a laugh over a café au lait? Plus, who else would keep the croissants coming?

Pauline Van Wymeersch and Samy Lamrous emerged as the champions, proving that they’re not just quick with orders but also with their feet.

And guess what?

These two are set to represent their beloved city at the upcoming Paris Olympics!

Behind the scenes, these servers endure long hours and grumpy customers. Yet, they do it all with flair and that unmistakable French charm.

After all, where else would you find waiters with such impeccable sass?

As Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, puts it, “The café and the bistrot are life.” And we couldn’t agree more. So here’s to the waiters, the real MVPs of Parisian living!

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