☀️ A Pet Shelter "Draws" Attention

PLUS: Adopting A Desert Tortoise Is Worth It

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Here’s what to know for Wednesday:

  • A local humane society draws a dog

  • A double amputee summits Everest

  • Learn why you should adopt a desert tortoise


The Ottawa Humane Society ran into an issue with its camera. On a typical day, the team at the shelter would photograph pets and post them on their Facebook page to help their chance of adoption.

They couldn’t wait for the camera to get fixed and needed a solution that minute.

The staff channeled their inner Picasso to create stunning(?) drawings of their new furry friends. Of course, none of the artwork is worthy of a spot in the MoMA, but they did make a difference.

The posts went viral; thousands visited the Ottawa Humane Society’s Facebook page to see the drawings. Dogs, cats, rabbits, you name it, they draw it.

That attention means a lot.

For instance, someone already adopted Addison, the pug mix featured in the drawing above, and people expressed tons of interest in the other animals featured. So more eyeballs meant more chances for the right person to come along and decide that a pet was just what they needed. 

Now, the whole crew continues to do their best to draw these pets and keep the momentum going. But we did lie about one thing.

The camera was never broken.

The staff joked that they “left the lens cap on.” But this was a promotional stunt meant to bring attention to the animals at their shelter. So a little white lie is excusable here, right?

We’ve got another adoption story below this, but you can read more about this heartwarming moment here.

🗞 More Good News

🏔️ 13 years after losing his legs in an IED explosion, Hari Budha Magar summits Mt. Everest

🚌 A town in Ontario lets kids and seniors ride public transit for free

🏈 Damar Hamlin is back at practice after collapsing on the football field five months ago

🎢 A father builds a fully accessible park for his daughter so she wouldn’t feel left out

🚫 The UK bans imports of ivory from hippos, orcas, and walruses

🛒 A woman was struggling to afford her groceries, so the person behind her decided to lend her a hand

☀️ The Bright Side

Pets are a big commitment, but adopting a desert tortoise is something else. You might say it’s a long-term commitment since they live over 50 years.

What you don’t know is that there are adoption centers for captive tortoises throughout the United States. Tons of these reptilian companions are rescued yearly and need good homes to go to.

The bright side is that many families are starting to catch on and adopt these slow but fun pets.

Did you know a tortoise can wag its tail? That’s a legit fact that I dare you to find a way to slip into dinner conversation tonight.

They recognize faces and respond to names, too. So if you’re allergic to other pets like cats and dogs, maybe consider getting yourself a lap tortoise.

They hibernate in burrows in the winter (you need to make a space for them to do that), and you should wash your hands after handling them. But other than those two things, there’s nothing but upside to getting a tortoise as your next pet.

Bonus points if you send us a picture of you and your shelled-up buddy.

🧠 Wednesday Wisdom

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.


Learning to let go of negative emotions is a challenge, but when you can do it, it feels like a huge weight being lifted off your shoulders.

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