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AND NP Saves Woman By Going With Their Gut

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Here’s what to know for Friday:

  • Flight attendant saved six flamingo eggs from a broken incubator

  • Firefighters rescue 1,200-pound horse trapped in sinkhole for hours

  • Nurse practitioner saves woman with insightful hunch


Six precious flamingo eggs were on a special mission from Atlanta's zoo to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. See, the Seattle Zoo had some older flamingos who were kinda past their breeding days.

Now, the plan was simple:

a zookeeper from Woodland Park would babysit these eggs during the six-hour flight, keeping them warm and cozy in a portable incubator.

But as bad luck would have it, that little incubator decided to take an unexpected nap mid-flight.

Amber May, a flight attendant, became the unsung hero of this story.

When a passenger hit the panic button and asked for help keeping these eggs warm, Amber didn't hesitate. She raided the plane's galley, grabbed some rubber gloves, and got to work.

With the help of some warm water and a few spare coats and scarves from generous passengers, they created a makeshift nest to keep those eggs snug as a bug.

Amber kept a close eye on her feathery charges throughout the flight, swapping out cool gloves like a pro.

Thanks to her quick actions and the kindness of strangers, these flamingo eggs made it through the flight without a hitch.

Fast forward, and guess what?

These little eggs cracked open to reveal six adorable Chilean flamingo chicks, the first ones at Woodland Park Zoo since 2016.

Amber got a VIP invitation from the zoo to meet the fluffy new arrivals. She named one of them "Sunny" after her newborn granddaughter.

Hikers survive fall on Mount Washington

🐶 Thermal drone pilot helps find lost dogs in tri-state area

🚸 Louisiana school is saving local French dialects and Indigenous culture

🚙 New and used car prices decline as inventory levels rise

🐛 New synthetic antibiotic kills superbugs in lab tests

🐴 LAFD firefighters save a horse from a muddy sinkhole

Julie Silverman found herself in a tight spot with a persistent cough that wouldn't quit.

Despite visits to various doctors, nobody could crack the case.

It was like her cough was playing a game of hide and seek, and the doctors were coming up empty-handed. Then, Alison, a superhero nurse practitioner, enters.

Julie encountered her amidst her routine weekly allergy shots.

Unlike the others, Alison didn't shrug off Julie's coughs as an inconvenience.

She believed that there was an underlying seriousness begging investigation.

Alison approached the matter with unwavering earnestness. She harbored a conviction that there was more than met the eye and was resolute in unraveling the mystery.

She insisted that a physician conduct a meticulous examination of Julie's throat. 

It turned out Julie had a rare condition called idiopathic subglottic stenosis, where scar tissue was causing a blockage in her airway. Armed with this newfound knowledge, she sought out a specialist who could offer relief.

Julie's now living life to the fullest, whether it's volunteering, biking, hiking, or hitting the slopes.

And through it all, she's forever grateful to Alison for taking the extra care and attention.

Ever thought of swapping those cramped airplane seats for the spacious, scenic views of a train journey? 

Let's talk about the underrated charm of train travel in the US!

Picture this: You're lounging in a comfy seat with more legroom than you know what to do with, gazing out at the ever-changing landscape.

No tiny airplane windows here—it's all about panoramic views!

From bustling cityscapes to tranquil countryside, train travel offers a front-row seat to America's beauty.

It's not just about the views, though. Train travel is a stress-buster. Forget long security lines and rushing through airports.

At train stations, it's a more relaxed vibe.

So, next time, why not take the scenic route? Hop on a train and discover the joy of the journey itself.

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