☀️ Restoring Joshua Trees After Wildfires

AND Unlikely Heroes Save People From Sinking Car

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Here’s what to know for Wednesday:

  • Sauna heroes save people from sinking car

  • Florida residents surprised by kangaroo visit at apartment complex

  • Camels and volunteers are restoring Joshua Trees after wildfires


A serene Norwegian fjord, a floating sauna, and a car making an unexpected splash. Then, an unlikely dash from sauna-goers to rescue the victims. Sounds like a scene from an action movie, right?

But nope, this actually happened at the Akershusstranda, near Oslo's medieval fortress.

According to reports, the driver apparently hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes, sending the car straight into the fjord.

As the car sank, the quick-thinking occupants found refuge on the roof just as our towel-clad heroes came charging to the rescue on their sauna raft.

Skipper Nicholay Nordahl, aka the Captain Cool of the sauna, wasted no time. With a burst of speed, they reached the stranded duo just as the car disappeared beneath the waves.

They used wooden sauna rafts to get out there. They're eco-friendly and electrically powered, offering folks a serene escape to unwind amidst Norway's stunning natural beauty.

And they work as a rescue vehicle when you’re in a pinch, apparently.

As for the car? Well, let's just say it took a brief detour underwater before being rescued. But hey, all's well that ends well, right?

So, next time you're in need of a hero, remember this tale of towel-clad bravery from the depths of a Norwegian fjord. And who knows? You might find your own superpower in the most unexpected places.

🔆 California, New York, and seven other states sign heat pump agreement to cut pollution

🌼 Crime rates drop across the U.S. and keep the streak alive

💗 New law boosts pay and opportunities for Kansans with disabilities

💡 Zambia bans child marriage with new law

🧑‍🚀 Private space station crew returns to Earth after three-week mission

🦘 Florida deputies rescue kangaroo from an apartment complex

Meet the camel crew restoring Mojave's Joshua Trees.

In the Mojave Desert, a heartwarming tale unfolds with three unlikely heroes: Herbie, Sully, and Chico, the desert's camels, alongside a team of devoted volunteers!

Once, the Mojave was home to thriving Joshua Tree forests. But in 2020, tragedy struck.

A wildfire razed through Cima Dome, leaving over a million Joshua trees in ashes.

Herbie, Sully, and Chico are pros at carrying heavy loads and navigating tough terrain.

With grit and determination, volunteers like Fite and Lagusker have planted over 3,500 young Joshua trees since 2021.

Despite the odds, they're gearing up for another round of restoration in the York Fire zone.

Here's to the camels and their dedicated companions, ensuring the Mojave's spirit thrives once more!

We are all mindful to one degree or another, moment by moment. It is an inherent human capacity


Believe in yourself.

You may not feel like you can be mindful, but it’s part of human nature. You can think of it like a muscle.

Every time you practice mindfulness, the ability to recognize it grows. Just lean in.

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