☀️ Saved Santa Thanks Medical Team

AND This Thai Farmer Is A Rice Artist

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Here’s what to know for Tuesday (and Happy Boxing Day):

  • This Santa visits the medical team who saved him

  • Maury Povich gets into some monkey business

  • A Thai farmer delights his community with fun cat illustrations


Santa Claus visited a hospital in Texas to personally thank the medical team who saved his life last holiday season. 

Dennis Vaughan, 74, aka Santa, and Mrs. Claus arrived in full festive attire to meet Dr. Anthony Estrera and the heroic Life Flight crew at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center in Houston.

Vaughan is a retired welder who’s been Santa for several years, but last holiday season had a close call. 

Vaughan experienced an aortic dissection, a severe condition where the largest artery tears. His life was at immediate risk. 

His wife discovered him unresponsive and immediately called 911. 

Rushed to a local hospital, he was quickly diagnosed and flown to Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center. 

There, Dr. Estrera performed emergency surgery, saving Vaughan’s life. The operation resembled a high-stakes plumbing job, replacing the torn aorta with a graft.

Two months post-surgery, Vaughan, dressed as Santa, reunited with the medical team that gave him a new lease on life. 

It was an emotional moment, with Vaughan tearfully embracing the crew and Mrs. Claus distributing homemade Christmas cookies. 

Now, Vaughan is on the road to recovery, with plans to manage his blood pressure and lead a healthy lifestyle. 

He and Mrs. Claus look forward to spending a relaxing holiday with their family and plan to return to Santa duties next year.

Vaughan’s story highlights the impact of timely medical intervention and the spirit of giving thanks, especially during the holiday season.

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🏛️ An ancient mosaic is discovered under Rome 

🏈 He sold his favorite card for cash one Christmas, but his daughter gifted it back to him

A rice field shaped like a cat has become a popular attraction in Chiang Rai, a province in northern Thailand. 

This unique blend of agriculture and art is fascinating to see.

The result is an aerial view of a cat embracing a fish.

This artwork is based on a Thai saying that represents abundance. The proverb goes, "There is fish in the water and rice in the fields." 

To create this artwork, the artist first sketches a design. 

Then, machines plant rainbow seedlings in specific locations, guided by GPS. This precise process requires great care to ensure they create the art as intended.

 As the rice grows, it changes shades, evolving the image into a striking portrait of Cooper, the cat they modeled the art on.

This rice field is not only a tribute to Thailand's position as the second-largest rice exporter in the world but also serves as an inspiration for young people interested in combining art and technology in agriculture.

Celebrate the new year with a classic!

SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE (1993) is the perfect movie for new years. After all, the famous call happens on NYE.

So, give it a rewatch or try it out for the first time ever. Either way, you’re in for a treat.

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