☀ Saving The Baby Seals

AND Lovers Reunite After 73 Years

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Here’s what to know for Wednesday:

  • Seal rescuers tackle marine debris

  • Innovative plastic that self-heals and biodegrades

  • High school sweethearts find love after 73 years apart


On a windswept beach in Namibia, a group of modern-day superheroes armed with oversized butterfly nets dashes toward a colony of seals caught in a sticky situation.

Imagine this: seals all tangled up in fishing gear and other oceanic junk, desperately needing a hand.

Well, that’s where Ocean Conservation Namibia steps in, snipping away plastic and setting these adorable sea creatures free.

Since 2020, they’ve rescued 3,000 seals!

And guess what?

Their rescues aren’t just making waves locally; they’re going viral online. Who knew saving seals could be so thrilling?

Jeff Harris, a marine mammal expert, is absolutely blown away by their work. He’s freeing a hundred sea lions in a year, while these guys are doing it in a month!

It all started when Katja and Naude Dreyer, a dynamic duo, noticed seals getting into a tangle with ocean debris.

So, they decided to do something about it.

Their early rescues were a bit like impromptu gymnastics routines, involving paddles and acrobatics.

But thanks to a custom-made rescue net (think of it as a superhero cape for seals), their rescues have leveled up.

With an estimated 21,000 pieces of plastic per person in the ocean, it’s a serious issue, but these guys are tackling it one seal at a time.

Now, with a team of seven and support pouring in from around the world, they’re making waves both online and in the ocean. 

Plus, they’ve even changed their own habits, ditching fish from their diets.

So, next time you're on a beach and spot a seal in a sticky situation, just remember: there are heroes out there making sure these furry friends have a happy ending.

🙀 Canadian man’s 300 cats find new homes thank to charity effort

🖨️ Woman receives world’s first 3D-printed windpipe

🥼 Chemists create plastic that self-heals and biodegrades

😷 Google AI’s tool aims to identify health conditions

🌳 Greening the urban jungle: Australian communities lead the charge in habitat regeneration

🦍 London zoo welcomes endangered baby gorilla

In a tale straight out of a romance novel, Joanne Blakkan, 92, and Bill Hassinger, 90, recently reignited their love story after 73 years apart!

Back in their teenage days, these lovebirds first met on the school bus to North Muskegon High School in Michigan.

Fast forward to 2022, thanks to Joanne's daughter's detective skills, they found each other again, just 80 miles apart!

Despite the decades that passed and life's twists and turns, their connection was as strong as ever. Now, they make it a point to see each other every other weekend, cherishing every moment.

And get this - Bill's sentimental gift to Joanne, a bracelet from back in the day, made a comeback too!

Their story is a reminder that true love knows no bounds, not even time.

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.

C.S. Lewis

This is like saying your personal calendar can’t tell you when to stop reaching for the stars.

No matter if you’re 15 or 50, there’s always room to chase a new adventure or scribble down a fresh dream in your diary.

It’s about keeping that spark alive inside you, ready to light up new ideas and goals, no matter how many candles are on your birthday cake.

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