☀ Selfless Act From Football Teammate

AND Pilot Takes 112 On A Trip To Hawaii

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Here’s what to know for Monday:

  • College football teammate's selfless act rewrites the playbook on generosity

  • DJ and teen cancer survivor unite to bring musical healing to patients

  • A pilot takes friends and family on a trip to Hawaii


Brian Dooley and Zack Conti, from Eastern Michigan University (EMU), are rewriting the playbook on friendship and generosity.

Conti, an EMU football player, was juggling jobs and even selling his plasma just to cover his college fees.

When Conti's struggles came to light during a team meeting, Dooley, just two classes shy of his degree, didn't hesitate to call an audible.

Dooley handed over his own scholarship to his deserving teammate.

And the best part?

Conti didn't just bask in the glory; he continued to shine on the field and even scored some extra points by hosting his own football lessons.

Reflecting on the whole blitz of support, Conti humbly admitted that asking for help wasn't a Hail Mary pass.

With his teammates rallying behind him like a defensive line, he felt the love and support all the way to the end zone.

Dooley is making moves of his own, announcing his departure from EMU to pursue his NFL dreams.

But before he takes off, he's giving a shoutout to his EMU family, showing that the bond between teammates is stronger than any tackle on the field.

Sometimes, the biggest wins happen off the field.

🏕 Nursing students save camper’s life at Blue River

🌱 Reforestation brings a century of cool to the Eastern US

💡 Genetically modified pig kidney successfully transplanted into human

🏙 L.A.’s Sponge City success: Absorbing billions of gallons of rain

📙 Long Beach Library eliminates overdue fines

🎶 DJ and teen cancer survivor use music to uplift hospital patients

Keith Rosenkranz, former Delta Air Lines pilot extraordinaire, bid farewell to his 33-year flying career in the most epic way possible: by taking 112 of his nearest and dearest on a 24-hour whirlwind adventure to Hawaii!

From Dallas to LA, where he received a water cannon salute—talk about a VIP treatment! 

But here's the kicker: his final flight coincided with the anniversary of his last F-16 jet ride in the Air Force!

And get this: he even renewed his vows mid-air with his wife, Colette!

From bagging groceries to charting skies, Rosenkranz's retirement is what dreams are made of!

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