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AND 8-year-old Beats Grandmaster In Chess

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Here’s what to know for Thursday:

  • Eight-year-old chess prodigy broke a world record by beating a grandmaster

  • Hedgehogs make a comeback in British gardens

  • 105-year-old woman honored for her lifetime of supporting veterans


Ashwath Kaushik is an eight-year-old chess sensation hailing from Singapore. And he's rewriting the history books of chess with each strategic move he makes.

Ashwath just achieved something that's sending shockwaves through the chess community.

He's now officially the youngest player ever to defeat a grandmaster in a classical tournament match.

During the Burgdorfer Stadthaus Open in Switzerland, Ashwath went head-to-head against the experienced Jacek Stopa from Poland.

Can you imagine the excitement when he won?

Ashwath himself described the moment as "really exciting and amazing." We'd say it's nothing short of extraordinary!

Even when the game seemed uncertain, he stayed cool under pressure, turned the tide, and clinched the win.

But hold on, there's more to this chess whiz than meets the eye.

He's not just a flash in the pan. Nope, Ashwath has been making waves in the chess scene for quite some time now. Back in 2022, he even claimed the title of World Under-8 Rapid champion. 

Impressive, right?

Now, you might assume Ashwath comes from a long line of chess prodigies, but think again! His dad revealed that neither he nor Ashwath's mom is particularly into chess.

So, what's next for this remarkable young talent? Well, he's got big dreams and an even bigger fan base rooting for him. 

With his unwavering dedication (did you know he practices seven hours a day?), the sky's the limit for Ashwath Kaushik.

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When Stella Huso entered the world back in 1919, the Titanic was just a year away from its fateful voyage, and the concept of 'selfies' was probably unimaginable.

Fast forward 105 years, and Stella's seen it all – from silent movies to TikTok challenges.

Last month, Stella hit a major milestone by celebrating her 105th birthday, and let's just say her hometown of Big Lake didn't let it pass quietly.

Nope, they threw what can only be described as the ultimate "Stellabration" at the local high school.

Because when you hit 105, it's not just a birthday; it's an event.

Stella isn't just your average centenarian. Nope, she's a total powerhouse, especially when it comes to supporting our nation's veterans.

The Sherburne County board even declared a whole day in her honor – "Stella Huso Day" on Jan. 16.

Despite hardships, like the loss of her son in Vietnam, Stella remains positive and adventurous, having visited 48 states and traveled abroad.

Here's to Stella – the ultimate inspiration!

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