☀️ Texas Zoo Welcomes Lion Cub

AND 28-pound Cat's Viral Moment Leads To Adoption

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Here’s what to know for Wednesday:

  • Texas Zoo welcomes first baby lion since 2015

  • German citizens back a free program

  • A cat’s viral video from a shelter leads to adoption


Here’s some exciting news from the Fort Worth Zoo in Texas. They just welcomed a roaring new addition, their first baby lion since 2015. 

Meet Moja, a little bundle of furry joy born to proud lion parents Saba and Abagabe. When he was just four days old, this tiny king of the jungle weighed a mere 2.7 pounds, but he's already beefed up to a majestic 16 pounds!

For now, Moja is hanging out in a cozy, off-exhibit area with his mom. 

The zoo staff gives them quality bonding time before introducing this playful cub to the public. According to the zoo's Facebook post, Moja is a bundle of energy, learning the art of play by pouncing and frolicking with his mom.

Moja's arrival is not just cute.

It's a significant step for lion conservation. African lions are considered threatened, and every new cub brings hope. 

The zoo's efforts in bringing Jabulani, Saba, and Abagabe in 2012 aimed to enrich the genetic diversity of their lion pride. 

Moja's birth is a testament to these conservation endeavors.

While we're eagerly waiting to see Moja make his grand public debut, the Fort Worth Zoo ensures he gets all the care, love, and playful tickles he needs. 

This little lion is not just growing in size but also in our hearts. Keep an eye out for updates on when Moja will step into the limelight and steal the show at the zoo.

⚡️ Wind farms supplied 35% of energy in 2023

🥪 A citizen group in Germany puts their support behind a national free lunch program for children

📉 2023 was one of the safest aviation years on record

🧠 A neurosurgeon creates a staggering new treatment for Alzheimer’s and addiction treatment that uses ultrasound beams

🌟 A US Air Force officer was crowned Miss America 2024 and became the first active one to ever receive the title

🪴 Take note of the Marldon community coming together to help one another by starting a group compost pile


A 27-pound #cat named #Frosty is up for adoption at the Richmond Animal Care & Control clinic in #Virginia.

Meet Frosty, a whopping 28.5-pound cat who recently shuffled his way into internet fame and, more importantly, into a loving forever home. 

Rescued by Richmond Animal Care and Control in Virginia, Frosty's size and cranky charm captured hearts across social media.

Nicknamed after a Wendy's frozen treat, "One Frosty Too Many" (or Frosty for short) became an instant sensation. 

The shelter's Facebook post showed Frosty in all his glory, his impressive belly and all, drawing hundreds of comments and thousands of reactions. 

But Frosty's tale is more than just about his size. 

At three times the weight of an average cat, he couldn't fit into a standard cage and was put on a strict, low-calorie diet by the shelter. 

In the world of pet adoption, sometimes the animals choose us, and for Maggie Thompson and Frosty (now Gus), it was love at first sight. She has big plans for him, including starting a weight-loss journey page to share his progress.

Frosty's story is a heartwarming reminder of the magic of animal shelters and the joy of giving pets a second chance. 

Here's to many happy, healthier years ahead for Gus and his new family!

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