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AND We Need More Women In Electrician Jobs

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Here’s what to know for Wednesday:

  • A vase ends up changing this shopper’s life

  • Taking in 7 dogs makes a difference for this woman

  • She’s on a mission to connect more women with electrician jobs


You are strolling through your local Goodwill store, casually browsing through lamps and glassware, and then, bam! You spot a unique vase that whispers, "I'm special." 

 She picks up this iridescent glass vase with red and green swirls, intrigued by the small "M" on its bottom, hinting at its Murano roots.

Thinking she's stumbled upon a neat find possibly worth a grand or two, Jessica takes this gem home for a steal at $3.99. 

Little did she know, she just hit the jackpot. 

After digging on Facebook groups and sending photos to Wright Auction House, it turns out this vase isn't just any old vase. It's a piece from Carlo Scarpa's "Pennellate" series from the 1940s. 

It was a substantial vintage score. Flash forward to the auction day, and guess what? 

This $3.99 investment fetched a whopping $107,100! Jessica's accidental treasure, in near-perfect condition, caught the eye of a private art collector in Europe, making her a tidy sum of about $83,500 after auction house fees.

This story isn't just about finding a rare vase. 

It's about the thrill of the hunt and the surprises that await in the most unexpected places. So, next time you're thrift shopping, keep those eyes peeled. 

You never know when you might stumble upon your hidden treasure!

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Tonya Hicks' story is one electric tale of breaking stereotypes and charging up a new era for female electricians. 

From her grease-stained childhood sundresses in Mississippi to leading the charge in the electrical industry, Hicks is a powerhouse of inspiration.

Tonya was sweeping floors on a construction site, where she spotted electricians using math in ways that sparked her interest. 

That's her "aha!" moment. 

She decides to switch gears, drop out of college, and enter electrical work.

Hicks faces a maze of skepticism and challenges in a male-dominated field. Still, she powers through, becoming the first woman electrician in her local union and Mississippi’s first Black woman journeyman.

With a nationwide shortage of electricians and a vast gender gap in the field, Hicks is not just lighting up rooms; she's lighting up paths for other women. 

She's turned her company, Power Solutions, into a beacon of hope in electrical contracting and facilities management, tackling everything from energy-efficiency upgrades to solar arrays.

Tonya Hicks is more than an electrician; she's a trailblazer, proving that women can and do excel in the trades. 

She's ensuring that the future of energy is clean and green, inclusive and bright.

Love the giver more than the gift

Brigham Young

Gifts will pour in over the next few days.

Some of them will be socks. Some of them will be new TVs and laptops. But none of that matters.

It’s the giver filling that gesture with love and attention that matters. Cherish that.

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