☀️ Viral Longhorn Finds A Home

AND New Alzheimer's Drug Shows Promise

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Here’s what to know for Monday:

  • A longhorn on the train tracks ends up in a sanctuary

  • High school students start taking personal finance classes

  • A new Alzheimer’s drug gives us encouraging progress


It’s a heartwarming twist straight from a Hallmark movie.

This bold bovine caused a stir and some train delays. Now he’s chilling at Skylands Animal Sanctuary.

Ricardo's escapade began when he decided that the slaughterhouse life wasn't for him. 

In a daring move, he took to the tracks, leading to a wild chase that ended with him being safely tranquilized and rescued. 

NJ Transit even shared a snapshot of this showstopper, announcing his safe arrival at his new sanctuary home.

Mike Stura, the big-hearted founder of Skylands Animal Sanctuary, welcomed Ricardo with open arms. He shared that after a rough day of fighting for his freedom, Ricardo was finally relaxing in his new home. 

This sanctuary, sprawled across 232 acres, is no stranger to dramatic rescues. 

It's a haven for over 400 animals, all with their tales of survival. Each animal here can roam free, far from any threats.

So, next time you're stuck on a train, spare a thought for the Ricardos of the world, who are on their own journey to freedom and happiness.

🫱 The Met returned items it’s taken from Thailand and Cambodia

🦾 This kid received an “Iron Man arm” to replace his old prosthetic

🧾 Pennsylvania high school students graduate this year as some of the first ones in the state to take required personal finance classes

🌞 2023 saw the most solar installations in the US ever

🌺 Hawai’i Land Trust purchases 642 acres of a significant cultural land site to protect it

💰 The IMF announces $4.5B+ in debt relief for Somalia

Great news for the medical world and a glimmer of hope for those affected by Alzheimer's disease! 

The FDA has recently approved a groundbreaking drug, lecanemab, in the US and Japan, marking a significant leap in Alzheimer's treatment. 

Lecanemab is one of the first drugs designed to slow down Alzheimer’s progression directly.

It’s a huge step forward from the previous treatments that only managed symptoms. 

Although these drugs aren't cure-alls – they only delay the disease's progression for six months to a year and are effective in early stages – their development is a beacon of hope. 

David Thomas from Alzheimer's Research UK highlights this as a significant moment, signaling that we might finally be on the right path to tackle this devastating condition.

The drugs work by targeting the amyloid protein buildup in the brain, a critical factor in Alzheimer's development. 

Additionally, researchers are exploring ways to improve drug delivery to the brain, potentially leading to more impactful treatments in the future.

It's still a step forward in a long, challenging battle against a condition that impacts millions of lives.

As the excitement of Christmas morning approaches, consider a delightful change of tradition. 

Instead of the mad rush to open all the presents at once, why not take your time? 

Gather with loved ones and open gifts one by one. This simple shift in pace can create beautiful moments of anticipation and appreciation. 

Share the joy of each person's reactions and expressions as they unwrap their treasures. 

It's also a way to extend the magic of Christmas morning, savoring each gift and the love it represents. 

So, this year, embrace the charm of unwrapping one by one, making memories that will warm your heart for years to come. 🎁🎄

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