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AND Clues To Life's Beginning

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Here’s what to know for Thursday:

  • Ontario woman's lost wallet returns home after 40 years

  • AI-powered reading app helps kids learn faster and better

  • B.C. Lake holds clues to how life began on Earth


Vanessa Austin thought she was just having an ordinary day at the office in Guelph, Ontario when a surprising visitor handed her something that would send her on a journey back in time:

Her mom's long-lost wallet!

So, where did this wallet go on its extended vacation? Well, it turns out it was chilling in the air ducts of Toronto's Eaton Centre all this time!

Andrew Medley, a corporate investigator from Detroit, stumbled upon it while he was there for a different case.

But here's the kicker: Vanessa doesn't even remember her mom losing the wallet, and neither does her mom!

Inside the wallet was a treasure trove of memories: coupons to Canada's Wonderland (score!), a Toronto Public Library card, and even a TD Bank green machine card (anyone else feeling nostalgic?).

But it didn't stop there.

There were mementos from Vanessa's dad to her mom and a precious photo of Vanessa as a kid attached to her mom's immigration documents from their home country of El Salvador.

But Medley's journey to reunite the wallet with its rightful owner wasn't exactly a walk in the park. He had to do some serious online research to track down Vanessa.

As Vanessa puts it, "This is something that we need to hear about because people are still good enough to take the time and not ask for anything, but just to bring something back to you…."

We couldn't agree more. Cheers to that!

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Last Chance Lake, British Columbia, could be the ultimate birthplace of life

According to recent findings from the University of Washington, Last Chance Lake might just be the ultimate 'cradle of life.'

Murky waters, shallow depths, and just the right mix of ingredients — it's like the perfect recipe for life to spring into action.

David Catling, the brains behind this discovery, compared Last Chance Lake to Charles Darwin's 'warm little pond' theory.

Darwin hypothesized that life could've popped up in shallow lakes with the right stuff brewing.

This lake has high levels of salt, minerals from the volcanic flat it calls home, and a hefty dose of phosphate. We're talking concentrations so high they'd make your science textbook blush.

Catling and the team made not one, not two, but three trips to the lake, observing its seasonal transformations.

From freezing over in winter to forming a salt flat in summer, Last Chance Lake knows how to keep things interesting.

Now, before you start thinking Earth is the only party host for life, think again.

Last Chance Lake might just be the tip of the iceberg. Catling suggests that similar lakes could've formed on planets like Mars or Venus way back when.

So, who knows? Maybe life isn't just an Earth exclusive after all.

They call this “floof.”

And it definitely feels like the right way to describe it.

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