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AND Skiing Santas Hit The Slopes

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Here’s what to know for Friday:

  • Gen Z loves visiting their local library

  • A kitten that was found in a sandwich container is doing fine

  • Santa hits the slope in Maine


Who knew that Gen Z and Millennials are totally into libraries these days? Well, the American Library Association (ALA) sure did! 

They've got this new report saying that young folks are hitting up libraries, both the brick-and-mortar kind and the digital ones, more than older generations. 

That's right, 54% of these youngsters visited a real-deal library last year, and they're not just there for the free Wi-Fi.

Here's the scoop: It turns out that Gen Z and Millennials aren't just scrolling through their phones all day – they're also big-time readers. 

They prefer good old-fashioned print books, reading and buying twice as many each month as other media. Who said print is dead, huh?

And over half of these non-self-identified readers have visited their local library in the past year. Libraries are more than just a haven for books; they're community hubs offering coding clubs, job help, and even gaming sessions.

 It's like a playground for the mind!

The ALA President, Emily Drabinski, gets it. 

She says that libraries are evolving to be more than just book repositories. They're turning into cool spaces where people can connect, create, and, yes, even game. 

Libraries are catering to the needs of their local communities with services that attract even those who aren’t big on reading. 

And guess what? Gen Z and Millennials are all over these resources. 

They're bouncing between libraries, bookstores, influencer posts, and subscriptions. Libraries have become a hotspot for discovering new reads.

So, libraries are not just about silence and stern librarians anymore. 

They're vibrant, bustling places where the younger generations are hanging out, exploring, and, yes, even reading. 

And with 75% of Gen Z and Millennial library patrons thinking a week-long wait is too long, it's clear they're making the most of these community treasures. 

It's a whole new library world out there!

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Imagine a sea of red and white rushing down the slopes of Maine's Sunday River ski resort. 

That's right, it's not just one Santa on skis; it's hundreds! 

This isn't your average ski day. 

It's the annual Santa Sunday event, a tradition lighting up the resort for over two decades.

Each Santa swooshed down the foggy mountain, complete with a white beard and the quintessential red hat topped with a white pompom (it's a strict rule!). 

It's a sight that combines the thrill of skiing with the magic of Christmas. 

The event isn't just a festive spectacle; it's a fundraiser that lifts the spirits of everyone involved while supporting a great cause.

This year, the Santa Sunday event was a real jackpot for local charities, raising $8,000 for The River Fund Maine, which focuses on education. 

So next time you hit the slopes, remember the skiing Santas of Maine – spreading joy and making a difference, one snowy hill at a time!

As the holiday season rolls in, so do the invitations for gatherings.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the thought of socializing, especially if you're someone who finds crowds and chatter a bit much.

 But here's a little nudge to embrace these gatherings. 

Remember, holiday parties are more than just small talk and fancy appetizers. They're about connection, laughter, and creating memories. 

These moments often bring unexpected joy and laughter; sometimes, they even offer a sense of belonging that we didn't know we were missing.

You don't have to be the life of the party or stay till the very end. Just showing up can be enough. 

You might enjoy a heartwarming conversation with an old friend or chuckling over a funny story from a new acquaintance.

This holiday season, give yourself the gift of presence.

The festive cheer and the warmth of companionship might just be the highlight of your season.

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